Gogoro brings its battery swap service for electric scooters to Israel


Gogoro , we know, has ambitious growth plans. Now, the company & agrave; of Taiwan, which offers a battery swap service for electric scooters, has made it known that will land & agrave; in Israel starting next summer. Specifically, his service will be; launched inside the city of Tel Aviv . Subsequently, Gogoro aims to expand its presence also within other cities; of this country.

The debut & egrave; possible thanks to the collaboration of two important partners. The first is Metro Motor , one of the leading distributors of two-wheeled vehicles in Israel. The second, on the other hand, is; Paz Group , a leading company energy sources of Israel. The GoStations , that is; the stations used for exchanging the batteries of electric scooters will also be located inside the Paz Group service stations. This company & agrave; will be the manager of the network of Gogoro battery exchange stations within the country.

According to what is learned, initially 10 GoStations will be put into operation this summer. By the end of the year the goal is to reach 35 to offer an increasingly battery swap service; capillary. At launch, the electric scooter models Gogoro S2 ABS and Gogoro 2 Plus will be available. Both models have a 7 kW motor that allows to reach a speed; maximum speed of 90 km/h. The autonomy allowed by the two batteries is of about 170 km. The prices of these electric scooters for the Israeli market have not yet been disclosed.


The center of gravity of the service is; the Gogoro Network , an open and interoperable platform for exchanging batteries that has achieved great success. The numbers are truly impressive. According to reports from the company, today there are 465,000 users who use this battery swap service with their electric scooters. In addition, over 10,000 GoStations are available in over 2,185 locations.

Every day, according to Gogoro, 350,000 battery replacements are carried out. Overall, since the service & egrave; born, over 275 million battery changes were performed. Gogoro, in addition to working to bring its battery swap service to other countries, is looking to the future. Last March, the company & agrave; had announced that it had developed a prototype of a solid-state battery for its service. An accumulator that & egrave; was developed in collaboration with ProLogium.

Gogoro is demonstrating how battery swap is an interesting solution for electric scooters. Not for nothing, there are also other realities; who are working on it. In this regard, we recall that Honda, Yamaha, KTM and Piaggio have created the Swappable Batteries Motorcycle Consortium to create a standard of interchangeable batteries.

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