General Motors wants to return to Europe by offering only electric cars


General Motors intends to return to the European market but as a electric-only brand . To report on this interesting project Mary Barra , CEO of the American automotive group. General Motors has been missing from the Old Continent for about 5 years, that is; since sold Opel . With the electric that is getting more and more foot in Europe, General Motors sees an interesting opportunity commercial that can be exploited for its growth plans. After all, as we know, the American group has ambitious electrification plans. No wonder, then, that he may want a slice of the electric car market of the Old Continent.

About five years ago, we sold Opel to what is now; Stellantis and we have no remorse. We are looking at the opportunity of growth we have now, because & eacute; we can re-enter Europe as an electric-only brand. I can't wait.

Opel had been sold in 2017 for about $ 2.2 billion after its accounts had been in the red for 16 years. Thanks to this operation, General Motors has been able to focus on the development of new vehicles to strengthen its presence in the markets of North America and China.


In reality, General Motors has never completely left the Old Continent market as it is; It is possible to purchase the Corvette and some Cadillac-branded models in selected countries, thanks to a small network of dealerships. However, we are talking about a niche presence. General Motors aims to offer only electric models from 2035. Therefore, it seems normal that the Group has returned to look with interest at the European market which could contribute to the sales of its battery-powered models.

The project is; certainly interesting. Unfortunately, no more details were provided. Therefore, we do not know when General Motors intends to re-enter the European market and above all with which models. The future Cadillac-branded electric SUVs could arrive but this is only speculation.

To better understand the plans of the American group for Europe, it is not possible; do nothing other than wait for the arrival of further information that will allow us to better understand this strategy.

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