Does Ford think about LFP batteries for its electric?


Ford appears to be considering the introduction of LFP type batteries (lithium – iron – phosphate) for its current electrical models. The possibility that the American manufacturer introduces these accumulators & egrave; was directly suggested by Jim Farley , CEO Ford, during a Q&A session on Q1 2022 financial results.

What I mean by this is; than designing LFP solutions in our first generation of products & egrave; something we see as a great opportunity to move quickly.

So, apparently, & egrave; It is possible that the blue oval house may want to use the already LFP batteries. on models like the Mustang Mach-E, the new F-150 Lightning electric pickup and the E-Transit electric van. As we know, the automaker is pushing hard on electrification and aims to rapidly grow production of its electric cars. To do this, however, it needs an adequate supply of batteries.


The choice to focus on LFP type accumulators could help the car manufacturer to achieve its goals. However, it must be remembered that these batteries have density; less energy and this translates into a lower autonomy. You can & ograve; try to hypothesize that Ford may want to launch on the market versions with a shorter mileage of its electric models that could use this type of accumulator.

Also, thanks to lower costs of batteries LFP that do not require nickel and cobalt , these versions may be marketed at a lower price. The possibility that Ford wants to adopt this technology for accumulators would not be strange at all. Several other car manufacturers are offering or will soon launch models with LFP batteries on the market. Think of Tesla or Rivian.

All that remains is to wait for more information to see if new versions of Ford's electric cars equipped with LFP batteries are really on the way. It is worth noting that we hear more and more about it. often of new factories in America for the production of LFP cells. CATL , for example, which is probably the most major manufacturer of LFP batteries, is planning the opening of a new factory in America to supply several car manufacturers including Ford.

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