Do you charge your electric car for free? I'll cut your tires. The war between the selfish and the uncivilized


With the arrival of electric cars, it's egrave; developed a dense undergrowth of free charging stations in supermarkets . They are famous, within the community; electric cars, the electric cars parked at the Lidl for example, ree of occupying for hours, if not for the whole day, the free stalls dedicated to charging for customers.


& quot; Thank you for occupying the column for 4 or more; hours & quot ;. This is the note left by an anonymous person who also scribbled an incomprehensible signature. The parked car, a BMW i3 belonging to a lady near Peschiera del Garda, not only showed the card in plain sight on the windshield, but also two important tire cuts .

The act of vandalism and incivility, which will force & agrave; the owner to bear the expense of two new tires, & egrave; happened between 10.00 and 13.00 on Tuesday & igrave; May 10, in broad daylight. Interviewed, the owner (with an i3 registered in Germany) confirmed that she uses supermarket columns frequently , not just for an occasional recharge during shopping time.

The husband had brought the car in charge at 10.00 in the morning, then returned to retrieve it after lunch and thus implicitly admitting that was not at Lidl for shopping . When he returned, two tires had been cut by a blade, probably a knife. From the statements, then, it also emerges that other acquaintances & quot; electrical & quot; of the couple used to leave the car in charge, a sign that there was a & quot; community & quot; local that, perhaps, was also organized by shifts.

IT HAPPENS EVERYWHERE Charging at a hotel in Austria: free, but parking? only accessible to paying guests

In the face of an Esselunga, I always speak of the Monza area and its surroundings, which obliges you to ask the counter for the card to enable the recharge, there are various columns where not only the law of the Far West is in force , but even & egrave; You can press a key to stop dispensing.

This allows anyone to unplug a car that may be charging and plug in their own, or stop charging for simple spite.

SELFISTS AGAINST INCIVILIANS Charging in a public Enel X station for a fee

The issue is not; simple to analyze. On the one hand we can define as selfish , as well as & eacute; & quot; short arms & quot ;, who deliberately leaves the car in charge for hours and hours , leaving on foot (or with the passage of an acquaintance) and then returning at the end of the day. On the other & egrave; certainly an uncivilized , as well as & eacute; criminal, who has made the gesture of cutting tires to & quot; punish & quot; a selfish one.

Are there any exceptions? Of course, but who decides whether these are socially acceptable? The undersigned has used on a couple of occasions the free columns of a Hyper to test the speed; charging of some electric cars, simply because & eacute; were those most & ugrave; neighbors in a period, 2018, in which there was not yet the infrastructure that there is; today (and far fewer electric cars were in circulation) and where I still had to gear up for home tests.

This is a more case; unique than rare, & egrave; true, but let's try to imagine a traveler who arrives with water in his throat (read: almost 0%) and who stops at the free column because he & eacute; & egrave; the most close. Of course, we could object that in a perfect world only the time necessary to reach a paid one would remain connected, but maybe it is; tired and meanwhile you & egrave; refugee in a nearby hotel to recover from the long journey.

In short, the world is not; black or white, but it certainly does not fall within the & quot; socially allowed exceptions & quot; the fact of use as your own a column made available to commercial establishments . And it is not; an excuse to the egoism factor is the fact that the Lidl on duty does not want/can create a fixed-term recharge system or does not implement a card/receipt activation.

Or it was an admissible exception because in the area there were no other columns (even for a fee) and the owner did not have a garage? Who knows? …


Charging at Villa Olmi in Florence: free … or “paid” why? included in the price of a 5-star hotel?

Making the calculations, even assuming a column price (0.40 €/kWh), a simple recharge at 2.3 kW (let's assume they are constant and without fluctuations) for 8 hours would cost 7 €, less than half the time. of the price requested by the car park. At first I thought they wanted to take advantage of it, and maybe it's so it is, but after a short reflection I realized that the request is so; high prevented me from using a service that was not strictly necessary at that time (I had 48% and would have safely returned home). If I had been with water in my throat, maybe because it was I left home at the last minute and without warning, but I would have paid the amount due regardless of the number of hours of stay.

In short, set a higher price; high allowed to leave that socket free for those who really needed it , especially in a period in which the diffusion of the recharge is not; still widespread.

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