Panasonic TVs 2022: OLED models from 42 to 65 inches are also for gamers


Panasonic is expanding the range of OLED televisions for the year 2022. In addition to the LZW2004 flagship, which was already presented at CES in January, the LZW1004 and LZW984 series are new. The diagonals range from 42 to 48, 55 and 65 inches. With the LZW1504, which is also new, an interesting series for Germany is still missing.

The LZW2004 is the current flagship from Panasonic, which is offered with the so-called Master OLED Pro panel in 55, 65 and 77 inches. In addition to the specially developed cooling, the selected OLED panels are calibrated ex works based on LG Display's OLED-EX technology, so that no adjustments by a professional calibrator are necessary in filmmaker mode.

In addition to the best panel in Panasonic's portfolio, the LZW2004 is also characterized by the sound. Like last year, the sound system, developed in cooperation with Technics, radiates in three directions: forwards, to the side and upwards. For 2022, however, the front-facing speakers in the bar below the screen have been swapped out for a series of array speakers, the sound output of which can be directed around the room using the remote control.

LZW1504 also uses Master OLED Pro Panel

Under certain circumstances, however, not every buyer who only wants the best picture from Panasonic needs this special sound system. The company presented the LZW1504 series in 42, 48, 55 and 65 inches especially for this group of customers. Only the two models in 55 and 65 inches use the same master OLED Pro panel of the LZW2004 series and thus the same picture quality without having to pay for the sound system as well. The LZW1504 could only be found in the international announcement from Panasonic, this interesting series is missing in the press release for the German market. ComputerBase has had the non-publication in Germany confirmed by the press office.

LZW1504 is not coming to Germany

LZW1004 and LZW984 for Germany

This year, the LZW1004 and LZW984 series are coming to Germany, although not yet given a date or price. As Panasonic explained in a question and answer session, all of this year's TVs use LG Display's more efficient OLED EX technology. However, there are differences in the quality of the panels.

The LZW1004 in 55 and 65 inches uses a master OLED panel and the LZW984 in 42, 48, 55 and 65 uses a normal OLED panel. Irrespective of this, all new models are said to have been specially developed to deliver even more peak brightness in the “True Cinema”, “Cinema”, “Filmmaker” and “Professional” modes. In addition, brightness and color volume have been improved especially for blue tones.

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LZW1004 in 65 inch
LZW1004 in 65 inch
LZW1004 in 65 inches
LZW1004 in 65 inches
src=”/wp-content/uploads/e6659db273179a237f2ecb7ba47e6f61.jpg” /> Remote control for LZW2004 and LZW1004

Panasonic wants to target players

Panasonic wants to appeal to gamers in particular with this year's televisions and advertises them with HDMI 2.1 functions such as AMD FreeSync Premium (VRR) at 120 Hz and 4K. In combination with HDR, however, VRR was limited to 60 Hz in 4K resolution, Panasonic later said. A game control board overlay aims to give gamers real-time access to key features and information, including information such as frame rate, HDR metadata, and chroma subsampling data. The “Dark Visibility Enhancer” allows adjusting dark scenes. The HDR Tone Map feature shows the current HDR tone mapping settings, including Off (game console manages tone mapping), On (TV manages tone mapping), or Dynamic (TV analyzes incoming frames via the Real-time image processor and creates scene-by-scene dynamic tone mapping even if the source is static HDR).

Ambient light sensor

< p class="p text-width">In addition, the new TV portfolio is equipped with a sensor to detect the color temperature of the environment and adapt the image display to these dynamic situations. For example, brightness and colors can be adjusted based on the ambient light to provide a more comfortable viewing experience both during the day and at night. If a rather warm lighting is used in the room, the television can switch to a warmer white. Matching this, the “Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode” is new, which also includes these factors.

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< img src="/wp-content/uploads/3230480ac749d93c2f0acc5433b77786.jpg" /> LZW984 in 65 inches
LZW284 comes in , 48, 55 and 65 inches
LZW984 in 65 inches
Remote control for LZW984

The new OLED TVs from Panasonic run with “My Home Screen 7.0” and support all current streaming services as well as all types of TV reception via the Penta tuner. The source can be selected using the button on the remote control, which allows quick switching between DVB-C (cable), DVB-S (satellite), DVB-T (outdoor/indoor antenna) as well as IPTV (Internet) and TV-to -IP (home network) allowed.