EU Environment Commission: yes to stop petrol and diesel engines in 2035


The Environment Commission of the European Parliament has expressed a favorable opinion on the European Commission's proposal to put an end to the sale of petrol and diesel cars starting from 2035. The favorable opinion is not; arrived, for & ograve ;, by a large majority. In fact, there were 46 votes in favor, 40 against and 2 abstentions.

This is, however, a very different position from that expressed by the Transport Commission of the European Parliament which had voted for the & quot; no & quot; to the abolition of internal combustion engines from 2035, expressing, instead, a favorable opinion on a technological mix to be able to give space to combustion engines powered by alternative fuels, without having to focus only on electricity.


Instead, the deputies of the Environment Commission said they were in favor of a & quot; path towards mobility; emission-free road in 2035 for new cars and light commercial vehicles ''. The Environment Commission, in addition to giving a favorable opinion on the European Commission's proposal to stop endothermic engines from 2035, has proposed some measures to be implemented.

For example, the Commission, among other things, is asking for a report from the European Commission on progress towards mobility; carbon neutral road by the end of 2025 and on an annual basis thereafter, which includes the impact on consumers and employment, the level of use of renewable energy and information on the second-hand vehicle market; a report from the European Commission, by the end of 2023, specifying in detail the need; targeted funding to ensure a just transition in the automotive sector, to mitigate negative employment and other economic impacts; and to adopt, by 2023, a new method of calculating emissions that considers the entire life cycle of cars .

The positive vote, however, is; an important signal for the approval process of the European Commission's proposal. A path that, for & ograve ;, & egrave; still long before the proposal arrives on the table of the European Council.

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