BMW ready to challenge Tesla with less expensive batteries


The electric car market is; in constant evolution. They are more and more; the manufacturers who are moving towards zero emissions and yet, to date, the profit margins on the models “on tap” they are still very far from those of traditionally fueled cars. This is because & eacute; battery packs still have a very high cost. According to a BloombergNEF study, in 2021, manufacturers spent an average of $ 118 per kWh of battery produced .

Breaking down this cost item is; therefore essential to be competitive. They know it well in BMW, which aiming to beat Tesla's dominance on the electric car front is working on the development of its next generation of electric vehicles which, according to the words of some insiders, should focus on completely new batteries, capable of containing production costs by 30% compared to current accumulators, thereby increasing marginality.


These new batteries will find their application on the next platform dedicated to BMW electric cars that will come; launched in 2025 with the first of a series of medium-sized models including the Series 3 electric alter-ego. They will use circular-shaped cells instead of prismatic ones currently in use, thus aligning itself to Tesla's modus operandi. Cells represent the highest cost item when it comes to batteries, about two thirds of the total accumulator, but thanks to this new technology, BMW expects to be able to reduce production costs by 30%, in fact. All this, while continuing to have the batteries produced by its current suppliers: CATL, EVE Energy, Samsung SDI and Northvolt .

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Thanks to this important turning point, BMW aims not only to represent a valid alternative to Tesla, but also to counteract the increasingly; strong affirmation of Mercedes in terms of mobility; with zero emissions . The Casa della Stella, in fact, recently gave an & rsquo; important & ldquo; demonstration of strength & rdquo; through the Vision EQXX, which traveled 1,000 km on a single charge and illustrates the next technological horizon of the Stuttgart giant.

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