Trade-in prices at Apple: in Belgium you get little, in Germany much more


Apple's trade-in prices in European countries

Apple temporarily gives higher trade-in prices for iPhones in Germany and France. It gave us the idea to see if it is worth trading in your device in another country if you need a new iPhone. That seems to matter quite a bit: not only do you get a higher trade-in price, but sometimes the device itself is also slightly cheaper in another country. So if you suddenly feel like getting a new iPhone while on holiday in France, it may well be worth the effort. Driving to Germany or France especially for this is of course less advantageous, because the travel costs are higher than the savings. You should also keep in mind that you must use the voucher in the same country to purchase a new copy.

Trade-in value in different countries

In the table below you will find the current value that Apple offers you maximum, so when the iPhone is in tip-top condition.

Model Netherlands Belgiumë Germany France iPhone 12 Pro Max Up to €645 Up to €505 Up to €695 Up to €685 iPhone 12 Pro Up to €560 Up to €445 Up to €620 Up to €600 iPhone 12 Up to €445 Up to € 355 Up to €485 Up to €485 iPhone 12 mini Up to €380 Up to €270 Up to €410 Up to €420 iPhone SE (2nd generation) Up to €175 Up to €155 Up to €205 Up to €215 iPhone 11 Pro Max Up to £425 Up to £365 Up to £445 Up to £455 iPhone 11 Pro Up to £370 Up to £315 Up to £410 Up to £400 iPhone 11 Up to £325 Up to £240 Up to £345 Up to £345 iPhone XS Max Up to £265 Up to £215 Up to £295 Up to £295 iPhone XS Up to £230 Up to £185 Up to £260 Up to £260 iPhone XR Up to £200 Up to €160 Up to €230 Up to €230 iPhone X Up to €170 Up to €135 Up to €190 Up to €190 iPhone 8 Plus Up to €145 Up to €125 Up to €165 Up to €165 iPhone 8 Up to €110 Up to €100 Up to €120 Up to €130 iPhone 7 Plus Up to &Euro;85 Up to &Euro;60 Up to &Euro;120 Up to &Euro;105 iPhone 7 Up to &Euro;60 Up to &Euro;55 Up to &Euro;80 Up to &Euro;80 iPhone 6s Plus Up to &Euro;30 Up to &Euro;25 Up to &Euro; 50 To €50

Prices are valid for May 2022, the extra fee for Germany and France is valid until May 31, 2022.

We've only looked at iPhone trade-ins here, but similar differences apply to iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. As you can see, especially with the newer models, you can get a much higher price if you take the trouble to cross the border. For Belgiumë you notice that the fee is remarkably low, so it is completely worth it to see if you can get more in a neighboring country when you trade in.

Apple Trade-In in Germany and France: extra credit until the end of May

Exchange at Apple means the following: you go to an Apple Store with your old iPhone, get a valuation and if you agree, you get a voucher to buy a new one. You hand in this voucher when you buy your new iPhone, so that you get a nice discount on the recommended price.

Today Apple announced in Germany and France that you will receive a higher compensation until May 31. In Germany these additional vouchers apply:

  • iPhone: 20 to 40 euros extra credit
  • iPad: 10 to 50 euros extra credit
  • Mac: 10 to 20 euros extra credit
  • Apple Watch: 10 to 20 euros extra credit

You get the extra credit when you buy a new iPhone. The handling takes place through the British Apple partner Likewize Services UK Limited, so it is actually strange that it is not in the Netherlands and Belgium. applies. The current prices can be found via the links in the table below.

You get relatively little for your used stuff at Apple, but the advantage is that you don't have to worry. While you can sometimes have to deal with energy suckers on Marktplaats, Apple handles it without whining. You also don't have to deal with people at the door, who want to negotiate the price at the last minute, or who complain after receipt that something is broken. This also applies if you hand in your device to a provider of refurbished iPhones.

Maximum saving is 200 euros

What can you save in the best case scenario? Suppose you are in Belgiumë live and have an iPhone 12 Pro Max, but would like to upgrade to an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Trade-in price: max. €505,-
New price: €1160.20
Pay extra: €655.20

Trade-in price: max. €695,-
New price: €1149,-
Additional payment: €454,-

It comes down to a difference of more than 200 euros (!), so a Belgian exchanging it is bad off with Apple. With older devices, the difference is a few tens and it often makes no sense to buy abroad. Whether it's worth it also depends on your language skills: some people do it effortlessly, while others are very reluctant to have to speak in German, French (or English). Note that with MacBooks you will have to deal with a different keyboard layout. This is of course not the case with iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.