Tesla thinks about the stop of orders: delivery times too long


People like the electric car, you want because the market must be decided in this direction and the consumer is not given other alternatives (in this case it would be more correct to say & quot; we are pleased with it & quot;), either because & eacute; the price of gasoline and diesel oil & egrave; skyrocketing, despite being calmed down, you also want why & eacute; technological development is moving without delay towards battery-powered means of transport. Market leader, we know, & egrave; Tesla , who like the others for & ograve; suffers the crisis of the components and the difficulties; logistics inherited from the pandemic peak. Well, precisely for these reasons, rumors of a stop to bookings are starting.

Actually & egrave; more of a simple voice, because & eacute; & egrave; Elon Musk himself to have revealed to the Financial Times that the blocking of the orders of some of the most ugrave; popular could be an option right now: delivery times are significantly lengthening , and a stop could help the company realign supply and demand in light of the conditions along the entire supply chain.

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The problem is particularly evident in the United States, where orders for certain models arrive as late as 2023 . Just to give a few examples, in the USA a Model Y in the basic version has delivery times February-May 2023 . The situation is better for Model 3, whose wait lasts until the end of the year. Some examples for Italy:

  • Model 3: generally January-March 2023
  • Model Y: from August-October 2022 to January-March 2023 depending on the model and color

So the current situation Italy appears slightly better (in general) than the United States: however, it must be taken into account that the demand in our country is; lower than overseas, where waiting times – as seen – can reach more; 12 months .

With the possible stop to orders, Tesla would also protect itself from (more than) possible price increases of components and materials prime. In fact, accepting a reservation today would mean running the risk for the company of delivering a car in a year at the price initially agreed, but with a higher production cost than at the time of booking.

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