Aston Martin: first DBX707 produced


Aston Martin celebrated the exit from the production lines of the St Athan plant of the first example of DBX707 , the most popular version; powerful and fast of the DBX SUV which is marketed in over 50 countries around the world. L & rsquo; event & egrave; been celebrated, so & igrave; as it had been in 2019 for the inauguration of the factory set up in a former RAF structure, in the presence of authorities; local.

WELSH PRIDE peaced.jpgThe reason for this shared enthusiasm is; simple: the creation of the Aston Martin plant in St Athan, the second after the historic one in Gaydon, represented the return of automotive production to Wales after more than 50 years and an important opportunity for the territory of the British region/state. Simon Hart and David Davies, Secretary and Undersecretary of State for Wales respectively, underlined the desire, shared by the Aston Martin brand, to make it a land of interest for avant-garde automotive technologies and to continue to support ; local economy.

THE SUV OF RECORDS DBX707, as the name suggests, has an engine of 707 HP and 900 Nm, 155 HP and 200 Nm more; compared to the standard DBX, based on the same 4.0 V8 biturbo of Mercedes-AMG origin but in an even more version; pushed and combined with a 9-speed automatic gearbox, again & ldquo; German & rdquo;, made more in turn; quick and ready.

All this extra power & ugrave; allows the luxury SUV to sprint from 0 to 100 in 3.1 seconds compared to the 4.5 of the standard model and touch 310 km/h, numbers that make it the most production SUV; fast, even faster; by Lamborghini Urus. Further modifications have been made to the chassis to better support the increase in power, with a revision of the adaptive suspension and steering and a new self-locking differential.

The addition of the & ldquo; 707 & rdquo; & egrave; coincided with the recruitment of over 100 new qualified technicians, a step towards the completion of the objectives which envisage the production of 3,000 vehicles per year and the use of 750 employees , compared to the initial 500.

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