Goodbye A-Class, even Mercedes ready to leave the compact


The Mercedes A-Class may have reached its final waltz. The source is authoritative, given that & egrave; was the CEO of the German giant, Ola Kallenius , to suggest that – after the current generation of one of the most important models; accessible and widespread of the car manufacturer & ndash; the company could take new directions. Not alone, given that recently Audi also announced its intention to eliminate from the range the models of the lower segments which, while making interesting volumes, have too low a profit margin. Therefore more no A1, but also the A3, a direct rival of the A-Class, at high risk.


As for Mercedes , the setting for the revelation is; was the Congress dedicated to the future of the automobile organized by the authoritative Financial Times, even if more details on the strategies and projects on the table of the Stuttgart headquarters will be provided in the next few days, when the Mercedes group will organize; a meeting with its potential investors.

& ldquo; Not & egrave; our goal is to be competitors of large-volume manufacturers. Is not serious; this is what the Mercedes-Benz brand stands for. Rather, we want to be able to deliver value for our customers and for our company. ”


A story with an open ending, therefore, of which Kallenius wanted to provide only a few clues and which some believe will lead to a new electric compact expected in the next few years precisely to replace the A-Class, a car that precisely in light of the semiconductor crisis & egrave; in a sense it has been sacrificed to give priority; to the production of more models; profitable.

This choice has inevitably influenced the sales volumes of the most profitable vehicles. small by Mercedes (A-Class included), which came out limited (a strategy, moreover, which also affected other brands of four-wheelers). Looking at the figures, in the course of 2021 Mercedes recorded earnings of around 14 billion euros, but in the future the accounts may also have to take into account different parameters.

Starting with the race to the top of costs of raw materials. An increase that, already; in progress in recent months, has undergone a sharp acceleration after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine.

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