BMW: the new M2 is shown on the instagram account of the M department


We live in the age of social media. So it is it happens, at times, that a House anticipates via Facebook or Instagram a communication that previously would have passed through more channels; traditional. The last in order of time to resort to this method of disclosure of information is; BMW , which through the BMW M Instagram profile surprisingly released a couple of photos of the new M2.

The sporty compact, which was born on the basis of the latest generation of the 2 Series Coup & eacute; thanks to the care of the sports department of the House of Monaco, unfortunately it is still heavily disguised, but it reveals details that make us understand its character strongly devoted to performance.


In profile view to immediately capture the & rsquo; attention are the big bronze-colored circles : they should be 20 inches, also judging by the tires with a very low sidewall. They pair well with a braking system of equally generous dimensions, especially at the front, where you can see discs that occupy a large part of the space available inside the wheels. Among the other details that emerge from the photos there is; then the presence at the rear of a showy aileron.

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It remains to be seen whether it will be; offered as standard or whether to do & agrave; part of a special accessory package. For the rest, from the images disclosed, it is understood the presence of two other stylistic features that are a constant of the M models and that should also be present on the new M2: they are the widened track and the dedicated bumpers and aerodynamic appendages, with the first equipped more air intakes large and the latter made to optimize load and performance.


We do not yet have information about the mechanics that will be; used for this upcoming next generation of BMW M2. The best hypothesis plausible & egrave; which will be pushed by the gi & agrave; proven 6-cylinder in-line with 3 liters of displacement which in this latest evolution could break the barrier of 400 horsepower.

A great classic will be & agrave; also represented by the transmission, the 8-speed automatic ZF already; view on many sports (and not) of the House of Monaco. The traction should naturally be rear , but given the latest developments (read M3 and M4 xDrive) some already; dream of four-wheel drive variants, naturally with modality; drift included.

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