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Renault resumes production at the Moscow plant


Renault resumes production at the Moscow plant , despite the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Renault will maintain opened the Moscow plant that builds the Renault Duster, Kaptur and Arkana and the Nissan Terrano at the Avtoframos plant in Moscow.

The French automaker suspended operations at the plant at the end of February, saying it was due to a “forced change of existing logistic routes”.

Now that the plant has resumed operation, the house of Losanga has not specified how long the machinery and the production line will still be in operation given that & quot; the situation with the supply of components & egrave; ; unstable and changeable, we prefer not to make predictions, “a Renault spokesperson said.

Therefore, Renault's board of directors has decided for the moment to keep its presence in Russia intact, in compliance with international sanctions and with the support of its main shareholder, the French state.

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