Maserati Grecale: from Fuoriserie customizations beyond … land borders


Here is a Maserati Grecale, the new compact and sporty SUV of the Trident, just out of the Fuoriserie program and dedicated to … Mars. The result? A unique model.

Maserati Fuoriserie & egrave; a customization program that allows the customer to choose from a wide range of drawing tools and colors so as to be able to express their creativity; personal.

To show the goodness & agrave; of the project, Maserati built its Gragale Missione da Marte , with exterior and interior elements colored with a special textured metallic paint inspired by mineral dust and metal erosion.

The exteriors are in Galactic Orange, a Fuoriserie interpretation of the body in a multiple color; layers with a super liquid base, reminiscent of molten metal, on an intense, almost frosted, futuristic orange-red resin. To complete the exterior, Grecale Mission From Mars features special Vortex Wheels rims. The tires, on the other hand, are gray, in a special blend dedicated to Planet Mars.

On board the Grecale Mission From Mars c & # 39; & egrave; a screen of 12 & rdquo; 3, the most & ugrave; large never mounted on a Maserati , while on the inner roof there is; a & ldquo; star map & rdquo; with the projection of the main constellations.

High quality; on-board upholstery : laser-cut pass-throughs with welded multicolored contrasting backing, taping, silicone inserts, embossing and debossing on leather, enhancement of automotive materials such as alcantara and leather, are used in all the interiors of the car.

The special one-off from Maserati & egrave; was unveiled in Milan and shows how much the Italian Trident can also focus on the customization of its luxury four-wheeler, to explore new borders … or new planets.

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