Tesla exceeds expectations in Q4 2021 and closes a record year


For Tesla, 2021 is; It was a very positive year under the banner of growth. After announcing a new delivery record at the end of the fourth quarter of 2021, there was a lot of curiosity; in discovering the financial results of the last 3 months of the year and those of all 2021. Data that have been communicated by the company & agrave; by Elon Musk for a few hours and who are extremely positive so as to have beaten analysts' expectations .

Q4 2021

Tesla closed Q4 2021 with revenues of $ 17.7 billion and earnings per share (non-GAAP) equal to $ 2.54. Tesla also earned $ 2.32 billion in net profit (GAAP) in the last quarter of 2021, a 760% improvement over Q4 of 2020 when profit was just $ 270 million. .

Furthermore, the company & agrave; stated that the gross margin of the automotive sector remained stable at around 30%. It is worth noting that from the sale of green credits , the company & agrave; of Elon Musk has made 314 million dollars against the 279 million dollars of Q3 2021. The results of the last quarter have allowed us to close the entire 2021 very positively .

Tesla, in fact, achieved a net profit of 5.5 billion dollars , equal to an increase of 665% on 2020 when the American company had recorded a net profit of 721 million dollars (all the complete financial data can be seen in the two tables that we have reported).

2021 & egrave; It was a breakthrough year for Tesla and electric vehicles in general. While we battled, as everyone did, with supply chain challenges throughout the year, we managed to increase our volumes by nearly 90% last year.

As we know, Tesla has chosen a very interesting approach to best address the problem of the chip crisis. The company has entered into agreements with several suppliers and rewritten the software to make sure that it could use without problems the different types of semiconductors that it received from suppliers on a rotation basis.

This tactic allowed to keep high production of its electric cars. Tesla delivered 308,650 vehicles in the fourth quarter , an increase of 71% compared to the same period in 2020. Throughout 2021 , the manufacturer delivered 936,222 to customers cars equal to an increase of 87% compared to 2020.

The data on capacity are also very interesting; production of its factories . In California, Tesla can & ograve; produce 100,000 Model S/X and 500,000 Model 3/Y annually. In Shanghai, on the other hand, the brand is; capable of manufacturer over 450,000 Model 3/Y per year. So, today Tesla has a capacity; annual production of over 1 million cars. Numbers that can only improve thanks to the future entry into operation of the new Gigafactory.

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