Peugeot 108, goodbye to the little French girl. The city car leaves the price list


Peugeot 108 is retiring. The small city car leaves the Italian price lists of the French brand where having sold 50 thousand units & agrave; in our country since the launch of 2014. The announcement is not surprising as Citroen has recently announced that it has retired the small C1 that shares the same base as the Peugeot 108. The cars of segment A, after all , today they no longer have & ugrave; appeal and are no longer & ugrave; profitable for car manufacturers. Only a few manufacturers, including Toyota, continue to invest in these vehicles.

The small French will not have; a successor . From now on, the entry model of the French manufacturer's range will be; the Peugeot 208, a segment B car that is also offered in a 100% electric version.


Could be ordered in 3 and 5 door versions. In addition, among the many variants that have been made available over time, also the Collection, with a canvas top covering the entire surface of the roof. Times, however, are changing. Segment A is of less and less interest to manufacturers and customers, and electrification is advancing. The small 108, therefore, must leave room for more models; modern and more appealing to customers and who can also count on electrified options.

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