Nissan Micra, the new generation will be? electric. Here are the first teasers


Nissan Micra avr & agrave; an heir who will be 100% electric . The name is not; has yet to be confirmed but the car manufacturer has communicated this important news; during the presentation of the Alliance's new electrification plan. A model that will be built starting from the CMF-BEV platform, the same on which it will be born; the future new electric Renault 5. This means that will not arrive; before 2024 . Immediately after the presentation of the new plan, the Japanese manufacturer gave some more details; about the heir of the Micra and shared the first teasers.


This new battery-powered car will be built in France by Renault and precisely at the ElectriCity plant. The design will be obviously the result of Nissan's work. The heir of the Micra will be marketed in Europe. Obviously, the Japanese carmaker is not; going into the details in telling how it will be; his new electric model. However, since it will pogger & agrave; on the CMF-BEV platform you can already & agrave; hypothesize some of its key features.

This platform, in fact, can & ograve; be used for cars about 4 meters long which will have an autonomy of up to 400 km . Of course, Nissan points out that all features will be disclosed in due course. Since we are talking about at least 2024, there will be; time to learn much more.

As for the teasers, the roundness is particularly noteworthy; of the front and rear lights that remind a little bit the design seen on the third generation of this car. A project that will be therefore very interesting to follow. It will be also important to understand if Nissan intender & agrave; anticipate the shapes of the future electric Micra through a concept car that perhaps could already arrive; in the course of 2023.

The electric vehicle announced today joins the portfolio of Nissan models produced by Renault in France as the new Nissan Townstar.

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