Ford Mustang Mach-E turns you into a 007 during charging stops


Ford has created an interactive game (still in concept form) inside its Mustang Mach-E, instructing players to solve clues and follow various directions to exit a sort of & quot; Escape Room & quot; . The game interfaces with specific vehicle control functions , such as air conditioning, speakers and electric seats, to enhance the immersion inside the cockpit while playing.

A pleasant gimmick that allows the customer to pass the time while the vehicle is; in charge (later it may be a form of entertainment while driving with 100% autonomous driving).

The game, themed 007 , turns players into spies and will give you & agrave; the assignment to deliver a precious parcel. To juggle the intrigues, he will come & agrave; to your aid the vehicle's speaker system, the electric seats, the air conditioning system but also other elements of the car.

To play there is; the need that you have an iOS device with us that must be connected to the car via Apple CarPlay. The game is for now only a concept, developed by Ford of Europe with the contribution of the Software Enablement & amp; Research of the Ford Emerging Technology group & amp; Innovation and the IoT research team based in Palo Alto, California.

The video game is; was developed with the intent of to help people familiarize themselves with all the new features; of their vehicles.


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