BMW i3 approaches the end of its career. Production stops in July


The BMW i3 is; was the first electric of the German brand, a model that went into production in 2013 and that over time & egrave; been refined and updated especially with the arrival of batteries of greater capacity; which have improved its autonomy. From the moment of its debut and until last October 2021, over 200 thousand units had been sold. But for some time it was clear that for this model there was no longer; space with BMW accelerating its electrification process with the launch of several new state-of-the-art electric cars.

Apparently, the BMW i3 will come out; of production in Leipzig starting in July 2022 . The news comes from Autocar who had the opportunity to speak with a spokesperson for the German brand. The decision to put an end to the production of the i3 essentially depends on the expansion plan of the German group in the electric car sector. Furthermore, the stop will allow & agrave; to reorganize the plant for the arrival of future new models.

The i3 will be indirectly replaced by the BMW iX1 which when it arrives on the market it will represent; the 'access model' of the electric range of the German brand. In addition to the iX1, BMW claims that it will do & agrave; relying on the new generation of the electric MINI to fill the void left by the i3. This means that all those looking for an electric model designed for more urban use by the German group will have to move towards the electric MINI.

The name & quot; i3 & quot;, however, will be; still used by BMW. Apparently, in fact, the German brand intends to launch for the Chinese market only an electric version of the BMW 3 Series just like the name of the BMW i3 (we have already seen some first photos). Given that the small electric had never arrived on that market, there should be no problems of & quot; confusion & quot; on the models.

The manufacturer expects that in the end, the BMW i3 will reach the milestone of 250 thousand units & agrave; marketed. Please note that in July 2020, BMW put an end to the production of another model of the & quot; i & quot; series. of & quot; first generation & quot ;. Let's talk about the BMW i8, a sports car equipped with a Plug-in hybrid powertain.

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