LO spends 30 million on S before the election


Published 26 January 2022 at 13.08

Domestic. LO is investing a record amount of money – SEK 30 million – in the Social Democrats ahead of the parliamentary elections this autumn, reports TT.

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LO's chairman Susanna Gideonsson describes the campaign as “the absolute biggest investment ever”.

– Overall, it will be more extensive than the historic investment in 2018, which proved to contribute to several percent support for the Social Democrats, she said at a press conference. – all to help S in the election.

More and more members of LO have switched to voting for the Sweden Democrats and other parties. But Susanna Gideonsson justifies the record support for S by saying that a “majority votes for the Social Democrats” and “more and more people will return to the Social Democrats”.

2022 Riksdag election

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