Lamborghini's first electric? It could be a 4-seat crossover


The first electric Lamborghini ? It looks like it may be a 4-seat crossover model . This interesting information comes from the CEO of the car manufacturer Stephan Winkelmann who is currently providing many new insights into his company's electrification plan. Gi & agrave; we knew that Lamborghini's first battery-powered car would be a 2 + 2 but, now, thanks to the CEO we know something more.

Electrification it is part of our future. This is a completely new car and will go to enter a segment in which we have not been present for decades. We are talking about a 2 + 2 or four-seater high off the ground.

Obviously, Winkelmann did not add any further details on this car as it is; still too soon. Apparently, the builder has not yet made a final decision on the project. According to the CEO, the development of the first Lamborghini electric model will start; towards the end of the year , once all aspects of this car are defined. The last 2 + 2 produced by Lamborghini is was the Urraco, which went out of production in 1979. Since then, the only models with more; of two Lamborghini seats were the LM002 and the Urus.

So, the words of the CEO make it clear which one will be; the path that Lamborghini could take for its first electric car, a path that should be also followed by Bentley given that its first electric car will be; an SUV/crossover. The English brand will exploit & agrave; the new Artemis platform of the Volkswagen Group to reduce the time and costs of developing its electric. Lamborghini will use the same platform?

There are no indications to this effect but & egrave; It is also true that Winkelmann has highlighted that the first electric will be & agrave; always a real Lamborghini. However, the CEO added that there is no one car manufacturer that does it all by itself. Lamborghini has the possibility; to exploit the technologies developed by the Volkswagen Group . This is a major advantage that could make a difference. From this point of view it is not possible to to do is wait for more information from Lamborghini.

And after this & quot; mysterious & quot; electric model that should debut in 2028 , to be fully electrified will be & agrave; the Urus SUV as we got to see recently. Model that will be completely renovated and which should debut around 2029.

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