Hand colored black in advertisement


Published 26 January 2022 at 14.13

Domestic. Bookbeat is mocked on social media. In an advertising campaign, the audiobook service uses images of a hand that has been manipulated and colored so that it appears to belong to an African.

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The politically correct cheating is revealed by the fact that the palm has also been colored black in the pictures.

“BookBeat tries to be woke. People do not have pigment on the palm, bro”, writes Member of Parliament Hanif Bali , who has posted pictures from the ads on Twitter.

Niclas Sandin, CEO of Bookbeat, writes to Dagens Nyheter that they will no longer use the hand in future campaigns.

The picture was purchased by the design agency Bold Scandinavia.

– I take full responsibility for the image being purchased. This is what we would have seen. It is an incorrect representation of a hand. I will look at how we ensure at all levels that this does not happen again, says Helena Tencer, customer manager at Bold Scandinavia, to DN.