Beats Studio Buds now work much more like AirPods


Apple's AirPods are known for being easy to pair with your devices and for switching quickly when you're using another device. Since Apple is also the manufacturer of Beats products, we also expected these features when the Beats Studio Buds were released. Unfortunately they were missing, but the new firmware update has solved that problem and more.

Beats Studio Buds firmware update with AirPods features

In our review of Beats Studio Buds, we wrote that it's a shame that these earbuds don't support the same basic functions as regular AirPods. We didn't expect Apple to add this. After all, there is no H1 or W1 chip as in AirPods. Therefore, the firmware update is a pleasant surprise for owners of the Beats caps.

You can switch between your devices faster after installing the update. There is now support for iCloud sync, just like pairing AirPods. For example, if you've connected your earbuds to your iPhone, you don't have to pair them separately with your other Apple devices later.

Another welcome feature is the quick view of the battery status of both the charging case and the battery. earphones. Finally it is possible to open your box next to your iPhone and see a pop-up with this information. Also new is the function to configure the multifunctional buttons on the earphones themselves. You can do this in the Settings app on your iPhone.

Install firmware update on Beats Studio Buds

The update in question is version number 10M359. You can update the Beats Studio Buds just like AirPods. It is automatic, but in our tip we explain how you can force it. On Android devices, you can use the Beats app to check the firmware version.

With this update, the Beats Studio Buds have become a lot more attractive. We found the lack of these basic functions a drawback and with this update the earphones only get better. Are you considering buying the Beats Studio Buds?

  • Red: €149.95
  • White: €149.95
  • Black: €149,95

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