Volkswagen Group, agreement with Bosch for the development of assisted driving


The Volkswagen Group is also investing and working hard on the driver assistance systems to be offered internally of the cars of its brands. Precisely on this issue, the German Group has announced an important collaboration agreement , through its subsidiary CARIAD, with Bosch . The goal of this partnership is obviously that of developing advanced driver assistance solutions .

Pi & ugrave; specifically, companies will work to develop a Level 2 system (here we explain what it means) for urban and suburban roads and highways. Subsequently, they will develop a Level 3 system that can be used on highways. The first results of this work will be seen in 2023 when the new platform will be; implemented on the first cars. The Volkswagen Group and Bosch let it be known that they do not exclude the possibility, for the future, of being able to work together for the development of a Level 4 autonomous driving platform .

The new driver assistance platform will be; made in such a way that it can be integrated without problems into all Volkswagen Group cars. The interesting thing is; that Bosch will be able to do so in the future; sell the assisted driving solutions developed with your partner to other companies as well. To collaborate on this project pi & ugrave; 1,000 experts from both Bosch and CARIAD.

The Volkswagen Group and Bosch have not disclosed how much they will invest in this project. However, we are talking about very important figures. The news is; interesting in several respects. First of all, it is not; the first partnership that the Volkswagen Group signs with Bosch. Recently, in fact, there was news of an agreement to provide solutions to third parties for the production of batteries.

Furthermore, & egrave; the clear signal of how the German group wants to accelerate the development of its ADAS platforms at a time when there is more and more talk; autonomous driving, with Tesla, in particular, focusing heavily on the development of driver assistance systems to offer on its cars. With this agreement, Volkswagen aims to accelerate development work in this area.

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