The Heritage Fund helped the Somali clan association receive millions in grants


Published 25 January 2022 at 12.16

Domestic. The General Heritage Fund instructed a Somali association accused of clan repression how they would respond to being approved for further payments. After that, Arvsfonden paid out close to one million kronor to the association, reports SVT's “Assignment review”.

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A Somali woman, Nasteho Mohamed, went out on social media in the autumn of 2020 and protested against Somali clan culture in Sweden.

She accused the Somali association Umis of oppressing women. Among other things, a man is said to have told her to clean the toilets because she was a woman.

The General Heritage Fund, which gave Umis approximately SEK 3.9 million in grants, investigated the incident. But the state grant fund, which manages the inheritance of dead Swedes without heirs, never spoke to Nasteho Mohamed, according to Assignment review.

Instead, the Inheritance Fund gave instructions to Umis on how to handle the review, according to Assignment review.

In an email to the Somali association, an administrator at Avsfonden wrote that they lacked a clear “position”, and that they wanted “the association and the employee to distance themselves”.

Umis then responds with the heading “Position” that you “distance yourself” – and the next day the report was approved. Then another close to a million kronor was paid out in grants.

– My picture is that they really meant it, not just that they told us because we are donors, says Hans Andersson, unit manager at Allmänna arvsfonden , referring to the fact that Umis wrote that they “distance themselves” according to the administrator's instructions.