Subjects refuse to eat climate-smart meat


Published 25 January 2022 at 07.42

Abroad. In a new study, subjects would try to eat meat grown in a lab. But a large part of them became so disgusted that they outright refused to taste the artificial meat, reports Ny Teknik.

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A total of 1,578 volunteers participated in the experiment. Of those who claimed to be vegetarians, 55 percent answered that they felt too disgusted to taste the product at all.

Of the carnivores, 35 percent stated the same, writes Ny Teknik.

The participants stated that an important explanation for their refusal to taste the lab meat was that they perceived the product as something unnatural.

So-called slaughter-free meat has been proposed as a “climate-friendly” alternative to real meat from animals. Researchers have developed methods for growing meat using animal stem cells, and Japanese researchers claim to have 3D-printed wagyu meat.