ITA Airways, twist: MSC and Lufthansa want to buy it!


The newborn Ita Airways , airline born last summer from the ashes of Alitalia, ends up in the crosshairs of MSC , a company & agrave; Swiss leader in the sea freight transport sector and owner of MSC Cruises. The expression of interest – already formalized – foresees that the commercial partner is the German Lufthansa .

A new twist is therefore expected in the long history of the national airline. 2021 saw the birth of the new brand, 2022 could represent a further turning point to ensure an ambitious future for the company. The conditions set by the Mediterranean Shipping Company are essentially three:

  1. partnership with Lufthansa
  2. acquisition of majority shares
  3. maintenance of a minority stake in the Italian government (& egrave; 100% to date)

The next steps involve calling the Board of Directors to initiate the due diligence which, according to buyer requests, it will be; MSC exclusive for 90 days (no other potential interested, that is, will be able to request it during this period). According to what transpires from the environment, it seems that the Council of Ministers is extremely interested in doing s & igrave; that the purchase proposal is successful.

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ITA buys the Alitalia brand for 90 million euros and becomes Ita Airways 193

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Everyone could gain from this acquisition: the MSC group speaks clear and puts his hands forward, specifying that he will be able to do it; be

the possibility; to activate positive synergies for both companies & agrave; both in the cargo and passenger sectors […].

Freight transport underwent an unprecedented surge with the pandemic, hitting record after record. And being able to count on an & quot; official & quot; airline (already MSC operates in the skies renting cargo planes) would only increase its market share by strengthening its leadership. As Repubblica reports, the idea of ​​ making Malpensa one of the main hub for goods in Europe could be revived, the most dreamed of; or not prohibited by Lombardy and some political forces of Parliament.

Passenger transport will also be able to do so. benefit from this acquisition, considering that MSC's subsidiaries include MSC Cruises, Snav, Bluvacanze and Caremar. A synergy of this kind could give life to a sky-sea fleet envied by the competition, with potential growth in the world tourism sector.

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Now that it has returned 75% of the state aid received to tackle the crisis due to the pandemic, Lufthansa is once again free to operate on the market, including the acquisition of ITA Airways. The confirmation comes from the same European Commission which, while not commenting – n & eacute; citing – the potential interest in the Italian company, makes it known that the ban for Lufthansa to make acquisitions is; lapsed.

Lufthansa thunders: the airline industry may not survive without aid | The point 220

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For the German company it will not be & agrave; the first acquisition: in the past & egrave; the Belgian Brussels Airlines (the former Sabena), so & igrave; as in Swiss (formerly Swissair). Pu & ograve; to rely on the fleet more & ugrave; numerous in Europe , as well as & eacute; on crucial hubs in the Old Continent such as Munich and Frankfurt. With Milan (Malpensa) a triangle with great potential would be formed, both for passenger and freight traffic.


There is & # 39; & egrave; only one obstacle to the success of the operation: the interest of Air France and KLM , flanked by the overseas partner Delta Airlines . It does not seem that there is currently a real interest in acquiring ITA Airways – especially from the American operator – but it is; equally true that this could be the only real danger for MSC and Lufthansa.

Barring surprises, the ITA Airways Board of Directors will be; called for January 31st. In the following days, as mentioned, will open & agrave; the audit phase by potential buyers.

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