Lamborghini, in 2022 the latest exclusively endothermic models


The future of Lamborghini & egrave; under the banner of electrification. As we saw at the time of the presentation of the new business plan, the brand aims first to launch Plug-in models and then to also propose a 100% electric supercar. Speaking with Automotive News Europe, Stephan Winkelmann , CEO Lamborghini, added some further details of his company's growth plan.


2022 will be ; last year where the constructor will launch; on the market models equipped with an exclusively internal combustion engine. Next year will be; presented the first car characterized by the presence of a Plug-in powertrain. Subsequently, Lamborghini will work to electrify its entire range of cars, a process that will end; by 2024. Winkelmann then added that his company plans to unveil four new cars over the course of the year . Lamborghini has decided to allocate 1.5 billion euros to electrify its entire range of cars and to launch a 100% electric model in the second half. of the decade.

Although there is still no precise information on Lamborghini's first electric car, the CEO has highlighted that the orientation is; to focus on a 4-door GT suitable for everyday use. Lamborghini, compared to other rival supercar brands such as Ferrari, for its first electric model will be able to & agrave; take advantage of the technologies it already has; developed the Volkswagen Group .

C & # 39; & egrave; obviously a lot of curiosity; by fans of the brand in discovering how it will be; this car and if even with the new engine it will succeed; to be a & quot; true Lamborghini & quot; from the point of view of driving emotions. There will be; anyway time to learn more & ugrave; since the debut & egrave; still far away in time.

In the meantime, for the car manufacturer, 2021 is coming; closed very positively despite the difficulties of the automotive market. In 2021, 8,405 cars were delivered worldwide with a growth of 13% on 2020. Sales in Europe, on the other hand, increased by 12%. 2022 is; started in the best way since almost the entire capacity; planned production & egrave; sold out.

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