After 10 years of new Bassie & Adriaan game: mini adventure for the little ones


In the summer of 2012, Bassie & Adriaan released their first iPad game. There was a real press event where the arrival of the game was celebrated in a big way. This game would be a prelude to much more digital content from the well-known clown and acrobat, such as an animation series and an expansion of the game, it was promised at the time. But the past 10 (!) years it has remained quiet. Now there is the successor in the form of Bassie & Adriaan: A Golden Catch, an adventure that is mainly intended for toddlers and preschoolers from 3 to 6 years old.

Game Bassie & Adrian: A Golden Catch

In terms of looks, the game is very similar to the game from 2012, but with better animations and some graphic fine-tuning here and there. In the game Bassie & Adriaan plans to go fishing for a day, but they soon discover a treasure map that leads the duo to a castle. During the game you will play all kinds of short minigames (ten to be exact) which are divided into eight short chapters of the story. As always, the crooks (Baron, Swift Japie and B2) try to thwart Bassie and Adriaan and it's up to you to catch them and bring the story to a happy ending.

Where the 2012 game was nothing more than jumping over a wall to catch Bassie, this new game has something more to offer. You play a game of memory, drive the car to the lake (don't forget to turn on the radio while driving for a fun easter egg) and you get the tools ready for an afternoon of fishing. The fact that you only have to tap the screen and drag objects in the game makes it very accessible for small children.

Throughout the game clever use has been made of all kinds of sound fragments from the well-known series. Not only background music, but also the voices come directly from the well-known television series. Fans will undoubtedly recognize the sound bites, while for toddlers and preschoolers it may immediately feel familiar or be a reason to watch the television series. Because the voices come directly from the series from thirty years ago, you notice that the sound quality of the voices is quite variable and generally not too high. Sometimes the voices and statements also feel a bit random and out of place. But a child won't mind.

Another good thing to know is that the game is completely free of ads or in-app purchases. The game is therefore safe to play for children, without parents having to constantly watch. The game can also be played completely offline. The developer Midnight Pigeon from Utrecht specializes in children's games and has previously made games with Maya de Bij, Heidi and Wickie de Viking. But the price of Bassie & Adriaan: At €2.99, a Golden Catch is slightly higher than that of the other games. In half an hour you (as an adult) have completed the game completely, but children will undoubtedly have fun longer because of the replayability.



Bassie & Adriaan: A Golden Catch


Benefits +

  • Fun mini-adventure with various games
  • Suitable for toddlers and preschoolers
  • No ads, also playable offline
  • All famous characters participate
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    Disadvantages –

    • Game is very short
    • Low quality voices and feels a bit random at times

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    Conclusion bassie & Adriaan-game

    Bassie & Adriaan: A Golden Catch is a much more fun game than the game the duo released in 2012. The games are a lot more varied and also in terms of animations and sound, this game is a lot better taken care of. For fans of Bassie & Adriaan (large or small) the situations in the adventure will be familiar from the television series, while it can be a reason for newcomers to watch the series. For €2.99 you've finished the game very quickly, but that won't be a problem for the smallest fans.