The MP summit's future vision: “Niklas and Mohammed take their child on an electric flight to the mountains”


Published January 23, 2022 at 12.40

Domestic. Dagens Nyheter has had the Green Party's spokesperson Märta Stenevi draw a drawing of her dream vision of Sweden. It will be a multicultural and ecological paradise characterized by homosexuality, Islam, windmills, solar cells and electric planes.

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In the drawing, which DN has published in connection with a party leader interview, Märta Stenevi has drawn what Sweden would look like if “MP was allowed to rule freely for 20 years”.

The 45 -year-old MP-top has had to describe what is seen in the picture:

“In the middle are Niklas and Mohammed. They have a child who rides a lot and all three live in a house with solar panels. Their neighbor Lisa was close to leaving the midwifery profession in 2021, but after our working hours reform she managed to stay and is now a happy pensioner who rents an electric car when she needs to get somewhere. “

The text continues:

” The forests The climate changes have been halted so that during the holidays Niklas and Mohammed can take their children on electric flights to the Swedish mountains where the snow is again. “

The drawing has caused a stir on social media. One of those who writes about the DN article is the author and freelance writer Jens Ganman, who calls the drawing “insane”.

He states that he first thought it was satire, but that he then discovered that the picture had actually been published in DN, “in all seriousness”.

“As a satirist, I thank the Green Party for pushing Märta Stenevi and Per Bolund as party leaders – as citizens I most want to cry. May it be that their “The vision for the future of Sweden is completely unrealistic and intellectually on a Teletubbies level. The problem is that they do not see contemporary problems even when they get them in their heads like a safe dropped from the fifth floor,” writes Jens Ganman on his blog.