SD: Withdraw Swedish forces from Mali


Published 23 January 2022 at 14.17

Domestic. The Sweden Democrats demand that Swedish military forces in the African country of Mali be brought home as soon as possible.

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Sweden participates in Mali with armed forces in mainly two military operations: the UN's so-called stabilization operation in Mali (Minusma) and the operation Task Force Takuba.

But the development in Mali has for a long time “has been very negative from a political perspective”, writes SD in a press release. The party refers to the fact that “democracy has been put out of play” and that several military coups have been carried out.

At present, it is difficult to see an improvement in the situation, according to SD.

“In addition to this development, there have been confirmed reports in 2022 that there are foreign mercenaries on site that Mali's management is cooperating with. based on a Russian influence “, the party writes.

– That a Swedish armed force should participate where Russian mercenaries, who are accused of violating international law, act at the invitation of the same leadership in the country that Sweden supports should not occur. The need for the Swedish units in Sweden linked to the security policy development in the immediate area also affects the assessment that they should leave Mali immediately, says Aron Emilsson, foreign policy spokesman for SD.

SD proposes that the Swedish military operations Minusma and Task Force Takuba shall be withdrawn “as soon as technically possible at the discretion of the competent authorities”.