“Morgan Johansson is not tall”: SD's rap video arouses liberal anger


Published January 23, 2022 at 08.12

Media. The Sweden Democrats' Youtube channel Riks has uploaded a satirical gangster rap video that arouses bad blood. A liberal Timbro top now demands that Jimmie Åkesson take the Riksdag's employees by the ear.

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It is the host Rebecka Fallenkvist who in a new video from Riks plays a gangster rapper who raps about how good he is in Sweden.

In the song, Fallenkvist sings, among other things, that “Morgan Johansson is not tall “.

– I like to rape a Swede named Lisa, because Mogge will not expel me anyway, she continues.

But the video has upset many on social media. Catarina Kärkkäinen, program manager for bourgeois idea development at the liberal think tank Timbro and rector of the “Sture Academy”, is one of those who react.

“The films from Riks are funded by the Sweden Democrats. , and that the media and others to a large extent do so, Jimmie Åkesson and the party should reasonably be asked questions about the material that is spread from there “, she writes on Twitter.

Catarina Kärkkäinen accuses Riks of trying to get one” general stupidity of the debate “.

” If you want to be taken seriously, you also have to take some responsibility. Right now you want representatives who negotiate with government formers, build relations within the bourgeoisie, have their own commentators on the morning couches – and spread nonsense online. Sooner or later you have to choose and sift “, she continues.

Rebecka Fallenkvist had as recently as last Friday mocked Timbro on her Twitter account.