Emirates has done it again! The spectacular video at 828 meters high


Spot that wins doesn't change, one might say. Indeed, it improves. Remember the incredible video of the Emirates airline that last summer put the chills just watching it think it, with the stuntwoman standing on the pinnacle of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai? Well, now it is; was done another, even more & ugrave; effective, to celebrate the Dubai Expo 2020 (it is not a typo, it has only been postponed due to Covid) which will end next March 31st.

“ I'm still here '' (& quot; I'm still here & quot;), reads the billboard that the hostess ironically shows to the camera. Still at 828 meters high , standing as if nothing had happened with a very few courage despite all the necessary safety measures have been taken to ensure safety; of the stuntwoman (she is by profession). And to make everything incredibly spectacular – and new compared to the previous video – a huge Emirates Airbus A380-800 passes behind her., whose livery & egrave; has been redesigned in honor of the Expo.

The official video

Also in this case we can enjoy not one, but two videos: the official one is ; advertising that & egrave; was spread in 19 different countries, the second is; the behind the scenes , perhaps even more; fascinating of the first because & eacute; shows the work that & egrave; was made to arrive at such a result.

Consider that the plane has flown 11 times around the Burj Khalifa to ensure all the necessary shots, at an altitude of 823 meters – practically in line with the closest point; high of the skyscraper – and at a speed; of just 268.54km/h . & Eacute; this is an impressive figure, given that the speed cruise of this giant of the skies & egrave; of 888.96km/h. For this reason also the crew of the Airbus A380 & # 39; egrave; been trained for a long time, with many hours in the simulator. Everything is; was done in maximum safety, temporarily blocking local traffic to allow the plane to fly undisturbed around the most skyscraper; top of the world.

From the video it seems that the A380 is very close: desired effect, of course, but for safety – and technical reasons – yes & egrave; kept at a distance of about 800 meters.

Behind the scenes

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