Renault Megane E-Tech Electric, new details on infotainment technology


For Renault , the new Megane E-Tech Electric & egrave; a very important model given that & egrave; the first step in its new electrification strategy. This electric car will carry; many new technologies are also making their debut. In particular, the French brand has worked hard to offer its customers a new generation infotainment system , connected and able to offer access to a series of advanced digital services.

The French car manufacturer now wanted to tell something more; right on his infotainment system.


These displays are called by Renault OpenR and are manufactured by Continental . That of the dashboard, in particular, is; It has been equipped with an anti-glare filter and uses the advanced Microlouver technology, the same found in privacy filters on screens. The panels adapt to the external light to facilitate reading and not cause excessive eye strain for the user.

The new infotainment OpenR Link is based on Android Automotive OS . Users, therefore, will have access to applications that already have; they know including Google Maps for navigation. This app & egrave; It has also been optimized for use in electric cars. For example, with the Electric Route Planner the system is able to suggest a stop for recharging, specifying the name of the provider of the column, the battery recharge level when the customer reaches it; or the charging time needed on site. Furthermore, it can & ograve; also assess, at any time, the vehicle's charging level when it arrives; at your destination.

The infotainment system & egrave; obviously also compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and supports OTA updates. The hardware & egrave; from Qualcomm which provides the third generation Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit platform. Thanks to an agreement announced at CES 2022 in Las Vegas, Renault will take advantage of; of Qualcomm's Snapdragon Digital Chassis to equip its next generation vehicles with the latest connected and smart solutions. LG , on the other hand, has developed the software platform that allows you to combine the vision of the two screens of the vehicle. The driver, for example, can & ograve; so & igrave; view the maps of the navigation system in front of s & eacute ;.


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