Leasys CarCloud and Be Free Evo: one year of LeasysGO! included in the subscription


Leasys Rent , a brand specialized in short and medium term rental solutions, has decided to change its < strong> CarCloud and Be Free EVO offers , enriching them with LeasysGO !, the car sharing dedicated to the electric 500. Going into the specifics, we remind you that CarCloud, which we have talked about several times, & egrave; a subscription car rental service, renewable every month, without time and penalties.

Instead, Be Free EVO & egrave; a long-term rental formula up to 24 months that offers flexibility; short-term rental. Leasys announces that since last January 18 2022, simultaneously with the update of the monthly fees, all those who choose CarCloud and Be Free EVO will receive a voucher for the use of car sharing with LeasysGO! with 60 minutes driving per month included for one year .

Leasys CarCloud Electric Style subscription subscription Amazon Marketplace 199 & euro; See offer

Therefore, Leasys customers will be able to take advantage of the electric car sharing service when they go to the cities. in which & egrave; present, like Turin and Milan. If users exceed the 60 minutes included in the package, they will still be able to take advantage of the car sharing of the 500 electric but will pay the pay per use rate , at a cost of 0.29 euros per minute ( up to the maximum amount of 43.5 euros per day).

But the news for CarCloud and Be Free EVO they did not end there. Leasys also lets you know that it is; been made even more; subscription to the two car subscription services is accessible: in addition to being available for purchase on Amazon, registration vouchers in CarCloud and Be Free EVO can now also be purchased at all Leasys Mobility Stores in Italy .

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