Great support is expected for demonstration against vaccine passports


Published January 22, 2022 at 09.11

Domestic. On Saturday afternoon, the Freedom Movement organizes a demonstration against vaccination sessions in central Stockholm. The demonstration is expected to attract more than previous demonstrations with the same movement.

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The train will depart from Norrmalmstorg and the protests are part of a joint international protest movement against the vaccine passes. Several similar demonstrations will be held around the world on January 22 and 23.

In SVT, Säpo warns that “pro-violence right-wing extremists” have applied to previous corona & shy; demonstrations in Sweden. The only known violent crimes during the demonstrations have, however, been carried out by left-wing extremists, which Avmaskerat reported on.

Permission for 3,000
According to the police, the demonstration in Stockholm has received permission for 3,000 people and behind it stands for the organization Freedom Movement. 17,000 are registered on Facebook, but quite as many are not expected to show up.

In the past year, Expo, which has links to left-wing extremism in particular, has desperately tried to establish links between the Freedom Movement and right-wing extremist circles.


– They do activities together, you participate in each other's events. Sometimes it is difficult to know what is what, says Daniel Poohl at Expo to SVT.

“Protects democracy but”
The Security Police also warns Swedes who want to participate in the demonstration because “people in the right-wing extremist environment” have previously participated in the corona demonstrations.

– We really protect freedom of demonstration and opinion, it is a cornerstone of democracy. But it's important to think a little before – what do I want to do at this demonstration and what do I stand for, she says.