Geotab, the trends of mobility? of 2022: sustainability, electric cars and telematics


The outbreak of the pandemic has brought the world to face new challenges . People have had to change the way they move and work, and companies have revised the way they run their business. Mobility too & egrave; changed due to the pandemic. To better address these changes & egrave; First of all, it is necessary to know and understand its dynamics.

For this reason, Geotab , a company that works in the IoT and connected vehicles sector, has identified the 6 mobility trends that will characterize 2022.


In the last year we & egrave; created a new scenario. On the one hand, smart working is a & quot; hybrid & quot; work model have reduced the need & agrave; of displacements , influencing both the use of personal cars and the management of company fleets. On the other, there is was a strong increase in last mile deliveries with + 25% globally. In this regard, it is estimated that last-mile deliveries will continue to grow on average, every year, by 13% until 2030. The pandemic has then brought the issue of sustainability to the fore. Companies and governments have had to sign concrete commitments with a view to environmental protection , which primarily involve the transport sector. On the scenario created by the pandemic, Fabio Saiu , Director of Geotab Italia and Leasing and Renting European Director of Geotab, commented:

COVID-19 & egrave; has become a game changer in the field of transport, highlighting a growing demand from users who can & ograve; respond only with the optimization of technology and the consequent improvement of vehicular traffic. & Egrave; here that telematics comes into play: the functionalities; fleet monitoring and management allow to make critical processes more efficient and increase productivity. Must for & ograve; there is awareness on the part of companies and institutions, as well as; the will & agrave; to meet new phenomena through mobility plans; targeted that include the development of an adequate infrastructure and the implementation of cutting-edge tools capable of responding to new challenges.


Here, then, what the 6 trends for mobility will be for Geotab; more important of this 2022. The first is; the “value of data in supply chain management”. The spread of new consumption habits following the pandemic has led E-commerce to grow . Companies will therefore have to equip themselves with fleets capable of responding to the daily demand of consumers. The challenge, however, will be; another: the shortage of drivers . To cope with this situation, it will become; It is essential for companies to implement telematics solutions that help fleet managers manage the fleet and workforce available, optimizing vehicles and routes with maximum efficiency.

We then have the evolution of mobility models; : & quot; from MaaS to Digital Rental & quot ;. In the coming months it will go; the spread of the so-called Mobility as a Service (MaaS) further asserted itself. This model, born from a vision of mobility; more and more; shared and sustainable, it is evolving to also involve the areas of mobility; electric and micro-mobility, which will lead companies to adopt more solutions; large. Think, for example, of Corporate Car Sharing. Companies will have to implement vehicle sharing models that will reduce costs and emissions, also thanks to technology. In the second half & agrave; of 2022 we will assist & agrave; to a growth in the diffusion of the subscription and pay per use model. In parallel, we will assist & agrave; to a progressive thinning of rental solutions, which will move from traditional leasing and renting models to increasingly more options; oriented to the needs of the end user.

The third trend of mobility identified by Geotab & egrave; a & quot; concrete commitment to sustainability; & quot ;. To achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, companies will have to continue to field concrete policies to reduce the carbon footprint , starting with the careful management of their fleets. It will be active support from governments and institutions is also required to further incentivize the adoption of electric vehicles and the use of clean energy.

The fourth trend concerns the need; to & quot; have an adequate infrastructure to support the new forms of mobility; & quot ;. 2022 will see the further growth of electric vehicles. Geotab warns, however, that in Italy there is a climate of uncertainty. While on the one hand the lack of availability; of new vehicles will push & agrave; the second-hand market, on the other hand the lack of a solid charging infrastructure is holding back the adoption of pure electric vehicles. In the next 12 months, the municipalities they will therefore have to be able to exploit the push given by the PNRR to prepare and expand the infrastructure, especially in suburban and motorway areas.

The fifth trend concerns the & quot; new frontier of insurance & quot ;. The telematics will be & agrave; the key to open the door to all the advantages of Insurtech , which sees technological innovation applied to the insurance industry. In fact, vehicle data analysis offers detailed insights into driving habits, useful for developing customized insurance products based on driving style.

Latest mobility trend. of 2022 for Geotab & egrave; the & quot; telematics for the development of connected vehicles & quot ;. This year we will continue on the road already undertaken in 2021, continuing to invest in Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communication to develop ever more anti-collision systems; sophisticated for accident prevention, also favoring; a general improvement in circulation. Thanks to the data collected by the connected vehicles, it will be; It is possible to build next-generation predictive models that can not only improve vehicle maintenance and optimize costs, but also increase the safety of the driver and the surrounding vehicle ecosystem.

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