BMW X6, this is how the restyling could be


BMW is already; working on the restyling of his X6 which seems to be able to arrive at the same time as that of the BMW X5. Some first forklifts of the new SUV are already; been intercepted on the road. Starting from those spy images and some rumors about the restyling, we tried to imagine through the render that you can see, what the new BMW SUV could be like.


The German brand will not revolutionize the exterior but it will make them & agrave; however more & ugrave; modern. The news aesthetics should be concentrated mainly at the frontal level where the double kidney will present; slightly revised shapes and a grille with a different look. There should be news also at the level of the optical groups that will have a more shape; sharp. There will also be touches on the front and rear bumpers. Pure package M will be; updated to make it even more the car is gritty. As happens with the restylings, new colors and alloy wheels with different designs will probably also arrive.

If we do not expect major revolutions for the exterior, for the interior , on the other hand, they should arrive several news , especially on the technology front. The bridge will be able to count on a large curved panel inside which the instrumentation displays and the infotainment display that should have the iDrive 8 platform will be present. This is the same solution that we already have; seen on many of the most & ugrave; recent models of the German house including the BMW iX.

As for the engines there shouldn't be any great news; since we are talking about a restyling. Under the hood we will surely find unit & agrave; electrified equipped with Mild Hybrid technology. There will be; even the more & ugrave; performing M50i xDrive which seems to have a new electrified V8. When will it be? presented the restyling of the BMW X6?

There is no; still a precise date. There is talk of the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023 as the commercialization is; waiting for the spring of 2023. All that remains is to wait for further news on the development of the restyling of the BMW X6.

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