The richest in the world became twice as rich in corona


Published 21 January 2022 at 11.20

Economics. In the world as a whole, 99 percent of the population became poorer during the pandemic, and more than 160 million people fell into poverty. But at the same time, a small circle of decision-makers within the largest central banks have ensured that the very richest have more than doubled their wealth – with state funds.

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It is a report from Oxfam International that shows how the central bank money is distributed.

In Sweden and many other countries, the money has been pumped more into the financial markets than into the economy as a whole, which benefited listed companies and financiers around the world at the same time as ordinary people and small and medium-sized companies became poorer.

Most, in percentage terms, they already earned super-rich. The world's ten richest people doubled their fortunes during the pandemic's first two years, according to Oxfam International. In total, their wealth rose by $ 700 billion, to $ 1.5 trillion. says Oxfam International's CEO Gabriela Bucher in a statement.