Tesla registers its brand for audio products. Vender? also headphones and earphones?


Tesla & egrave; a car manufacturer with a very ambitious growth plan as we all know. Over time, however, he has carried out very curious initiatives , creating very special objects that he has marketed in his online shop. We cannot fail to mention, for example, its surfboards, the Cyberwhistle , its lightning-shaped decanter inspired by Tesla Tequila and even the Cyberquad for Kids, a & quot; toy version & quot; of Cyberquad.

Now, it seems the automaker may be interested in launching audio products under its own brand as well. In fact, the company & agrave; of Elon Musk has asked to expand the registration of his brand also to be able to sell audio equipment.

The registration of the TESLA trademark is; intended to cover the categories of microphones; headphones; earphones; digital audio players; sound transmission apparatus; audio speakers; subwoofer; ear pads; audio interfaces; audio equalization apparatus; megaphones.

Tesla will sell & agrave; soon headphones, earphones and audio products in general with your logo? Possible, but it should also be emphasized that, at times, companies make these moves for the purpose of & quot; protection & quot ;, to prevent their brands from being misused by other realities; to market some products.

That the American manufacturer can get to market audio products should not, however, be too surprising. Over time he has paid a lot of attention to the development of audio systems for his cars, hiring industry experts with important professional experience behind them with companies of the caliber of Bang & amp; Olufsen. Therefore, the manufacturer has all the necessary skills to develop products of this kind.

In addition to any audio products, Tesla may also decide to make premium audio accessories for its cars. When it comes to Tesla we have seen that everything is; possible. Therefore, one cannot & ograve; do nothing but wait to see if the manufacturer has any interesting plans in this field.

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