Sweden should be able to close problem schools more easily


Published 21 January 2022 at 14.03

Domestic. The Swedish Schools Inspectorate will have greater opportunities to close schools that have serious and recurring shortcomings, according to a decision in the Education Committee.

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The committee proposes that the Riksdag should say yes to the Government's proposal for improved opportunities to close schools and also proposes that the Riksdag should address three announcements to the Government.

With current legislation, the Swedish Schools Inspectorate can decide that close an independent school if it has serious problems that have not been remedied. On the other hand, the Swedish Schools Inspectorate cannot make a decision to close a municipal school on the same grounds, other than temporarily. In this way, the legislation differs between independent and municipal schools.

The Education Committee proposes that the Riksdag should say yes to the Government's proposal. Among other things, the proposal means that an opportunity will be introduced to decide on a ban on activities for municipal schools.

However, a ban on activities should not be irrevocable. According to the Government's proposal, municipalities and regions must be able to request that the operating ban be lifted, provided that the irregularities no longer exist.

The amendments to the law will take effect on 1 July 2022.