Sony hunts for partners for its electric car project


Sony has not yet elaborated on its project of the creation of the new company; & quot; Sony Mobility & quot; through which & quot; intends to explore the entry into the electric vehicle market & quot ;. During the CES 2022 in Las Vegas, the Japanese company had amazed once again by unveiling the concept of a Vision-S 02 electric SUV and announcing the creation of this new company. What exactly he wants to do is not; still clear but it seems that this time he really intends to get serious in the auto sector, at least from what transpires from Izumi Kawanishi , Sony's senior general manager who will manage; the new activities; by Sony Mobility, within an interview with Reuters.


Apparently, Sony & egrave; looking for new partners for his ambitious project. Partners who will have to help the company to transform cars from simple means of transport into places dedicated to the entertainment of passengers. Sony will choose & agrave; the new partners for your project based on the technology they can bring, regardless of their nationality .

The transition to electric cars is bringing more and more; companies in the tech sector to enter this market. Autonomous driving and related services will transform the automotive industry over the next few years, turning cars into platforms for offering digital services also related to entertainment. Therefore, for companies that deal with electronics, the new electric cars, more and more; computers on 4 wheels represent a very attractive market.

For Sony, in fact, it would be a mistake to ignore the development of the electric car market.

We believe that the risk of ignoring electric vehicles is greater than the challenge they pose. The impending transformation of the auto industry is somewhat similar to how technology has turned phones into smartphones.

The executive of the Japanese company is not; obviously wanted to go into the details of the project, however he clearly highlighted that it will be; very important to make a decision quickly.

We know that speed is slow. & egrave; important when making a decision.

But what partners does Sony need? Currently, for the development and construction of its concept cars, the Japanese company is & # 39; egrave; leaning on Magna , a well-known contract car manufacturer who works for reality; important like BMW and Mercedes. Sony is also collaborating with other companies on this project of its caliber, for example, Bosch.

However, if the Japanese really intend to engage more in the automotive sector, they will have to look mainly for production partners unless they do not intend to set up real factories which, however, would require enormous investments. Partners who could also speak Chinese given that the Sony executive does not set any limits on their nationality. All that remains is to wait to better understand which one will be; Sony's strategy in the automotive sector.

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