Mercedes user? Luminar's LiDARs on its cars to improve driving systems


Mercedes is also working on the development of advanced driving assistance solutions to offer to the Interior of its cars. The German brand already has; developed the Drive Pilot system that starting from the middle & agrave; of 2022 on the new S-Class and EQS will offer; Level 3 assisted driving (here we explain what it means), although, for the moment, only on German motorways.

The goal of the automaker, of course, is to go far beyond. To offer even more solutions advanced, the brand has the need & agrave; to equip its cars with sensors more and more; advanced. Precisely in this regard, & egrave; very interesting news of a new collaboration agreement between Mercedes and Luminar .


The goal of the partnership for Mercedes is; that of being able to take advantage of LiDAR technology of Luminar to be integrated into its future cars. Markus Sch & auml; fer , member of the board of directors of Daimler, comments:

Luminar fits neatly into our current roster of top-tier partnerships with leading and cutting-edge technology companies. The achievement by Mercedes-Benz of the SAE level 3 has already; marked a huge milestone for automated driving and I am absolutely convinced that the partnerships will increase our ambition for that. which will be possible in the future.

As part of the agreement, Mercedes will agree to to Luminar to take a data-driven development approach for continuous product improvement and updates. The German manufacturer also acquired a stake in this company & agrave; American.

This is certainly very interesting news. Luminar's LiDAR technology will be able to be used not only to refine the German manufacturer's current assisted driving solutions but also to create much more platforms; sophisticated to arrive, in the future, at an even more driving system; automated.

All this, always offering maximum safety to the occupants of the cars. All that remains is to wait for the concrete developments of this partnership.

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