Lotus could use Britishvolt batteries for its electric


Lotus is working on a new range of 100% electric cars. As we have seen, during the spring it will debut & agrave; the new Type 132 electric SUV. Overall, by 2026 there will be 4 new electric vehicles that the British car manufacturer will launch; on the market. To carry out this strategy, Lotus needs an adequate supply of batteries .

In this sense, the signing of a preliminary agreement with Britishvolt to evaluate a collaboration in the production, research and development of batteries. For the moment, no particular details of the agreement have been shared. According to Automotive News Europe, more information should be released next week. At that point you can & agrave; better understand what the objectives of the two companies will be.

The agreement is; Britishvolt & # 39; s first official bond with a car manufacturer and an important step for the battery company as it seeks to consolidate its credibility with potential investors. Britishvolt has also started work on a £ 2.6 billion (€ 3.1 billion) factory in Blyth, England. Establishment that should allow about 3,000 new jobs to be created.

The UK Government has stated that it will support; the project with an unspecified amount (around £ 100 million, i.e. around € 120 million) through its Automotive Transformation Fund, a £ 1 billion (€ 1.2 billion) program to help build factories capable of producing large-scale batteries within the country. The government, in fact, intends to encourage the creation of battery plants to reduce the dependence of manufacturers on Asian accumulator manufacturers.

Britishvolt has stated that its factory will be; operational by the end of 2023 and at the end will produce; cells sufficient for over 300 thousand electric vehicles per year . All that remains is to wait for the details of the collaboration agreement between Lotus and Britishvolt.

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