Audi A4 Avant, the new generation yes? shown on the snows of Sweden


Audi is continuing the development of the new generation of its A4. There will be; also an Avant version and recently we also tried to imagine what its final appearance could be like starting from some spy photos of the past. Now, this car is; was again intercepted during a series of tests on the snow-covered roads of Sweden . Testing in these extreme conditions is very important for car manufacturers as they can put the mechanics of their new cars to a whirlwind.

Although the new Audi A4 Avant's forklift has new spy images still present a camouflage, & egrave; however, the opportunity to observe some elements of the car.


The debut is; expected for next year. Meanwhile, we can see that the future Audi A4 Avant seems to be characterized by a more design; clean compared to that of the current generation. The biggest differences should be at the level of the front where the spy photos highlight a grid with a new design and with slightly smaller dimensions than the current model. We also notice the new LED headlights that will have a more design; slender compared to the current one.

The car in the photos also has a very sloping rear window and a roof spoiler which should help to give a touch of sportiness; in addition & ugrave; to the look of the car. At the rear we can also see optical groups that still seem “provisional”. Although the shots do not allow you to see the interior , the new generation of the Audi A4 (also Avant) should bring big changes . Probably the interiors will be more & ugrave; clean, like fewer physical controls and with large screens for instrumentation and infotainment.

As for the engines , there is still no precise news. Given the strategy that Audi is pursuing, we will also find different units & agrave; electrified . So, there will likely be both Mild Hybrid and Plug-in engines. The new model pogger & agrave; on an evolution of the MLB platform and, in the future, & egrave; a 100% version is also expected. electric. Since the debut is still some time away, we will surely have the opportunity to talk about the new A4 as soon as more news arrives.

[Spy photo: Auto Express]

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