Volkswagen e-up !, the small electric will not abandon? the market


Volkswagen relies heavily on electric as we know and is working on expanding the range of cars of the ID family. Still, the little Volkswagen e-up !, certainly not a recent battery model, continues to be successful . In Italy, in December 2021, & egrave; was the fourth most electric car sold with 459 registrations. In the configurator of our country & egrave; present, a sign that & egrave; still available. Yet, more & ugrave; times in the past there had been signs that the German brand wanted to stop marketing it.

Apparently, this model will have; still a potentially very long life. The Volkswagen e-up! seems to have become an important car for the German manufacturer, pending debut in 2025 the production version of the ID.Life that had been presented by surprise at the Munich Motor Show 2021. Today, the ID family does not offer an entry level electric. While waiting for this model more; accessible arrivals over the next few years, this role could be filled by e-up !.

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Auto 14 Jan

Automotive News Europe reports that the small electric will return; to be orderable on the German market after orders were blocked in 2020. The country's incentives, in fact, had led to a sharp increase in demand for the car. However, this model was not meant to be made in large volumes. The delivery times had therefore lengthened a lot and for the German brand the car was not particularly profitable. Indeed, in the past there was talk that this car, like the e-Golf, was produced at a loss by the manufacturer.

However, the good success of models like the Dacia Spring and the strong demand for the e-up! , they would have made it clear to the German brand that the market is looking with interest at small electric. So, in Germany the little e-up! will continue to be produced and will return; to be ordered even if with a slightly revised range. This is a very important signal for the future of this battery-powered car that continues to please.

The Volkswagen e-up !, remember, has a 61 kW (83 hp) electric motor. The autonomy with a full tank of energy reaches up to 257 km according to the WLTP cycle. In Italy, prices start at € 25,850 .

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