Russia: We will not attack Sweden


Published January 20, 2022 at 16.44

Domestic. Russia will not attack Sweden. This is what the Russian embassy in Stockholm assures in a post on Facebook.

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The Russian embassy has recently stated that it has received “numerous inquiries from Swedish citizens”, mainly from children and the elderly.

These are people who are asking Russia to ” do not attack Sweden “.

” We regard these fears as a direct result of an incomparable propaganda campaign that unfolded in the Swedish media on the initiative of local politicians to inflate an unfounded Russian fear. we in a responsible way that our country did not have and does not intend to attack Sweden “, it is further stated in the post.

On the contrary, they say they want” good neighborly relations “with Sweden and” develop a mutual favorable dialogue “in” all areas “. Including when it comes to security policy, which has “on several occasions been officially proposed to Stockholm but has always been rejected or met with dead silence”, writes the embassy.

“convince ordinary taxpayers of the need to invest more money in military needs and obediently follow instructions from across the ocean.”