Porsche Design, a limited edition of the 911 for its 50th anniversary


Porsche Design celebrates 50 years . To celebrate this anniversary, the German manufacturer has decided to create a special limited series of the 911 which is; was called Porsche 911 Edition 50Y Porsche Design . This car can be already order in the dealerships of the car manufacturer and it will be; produced in only 750 copies. Deliveries are expected starting from April 2022.


This special limited edition version is based on the 911 Targa 4 GTS model , a sports car equipped with a 6-cylinder boxer engine capable of delivering 450 hp. The customization of the limited edition model concerns first of all the exterior, with the bodywork almost entirely black, with the satin Platinum central bar. We then have 20-inch wheels at the front and 21-inch wheels at the rear. The brake calipers are black. On the doors & egrave; present the Porsche Design logo and behind the 50 Years Porsche Design badge.

The customization has obviously also affected the interior of the sports car. We have Sport-Tex seats (electrically adjustable in 18 positions) with checkered pattern and headrests with the & quot; Porsche Design 50 & quot; logo. The seat belts, on the other hand, are in slate gray. On the dashboard & egrave; present the plate that identifies the progressive number of the specimen. Furthermore, on the central armrest & egrave; A reproduction of the signature of the founder of Porsche Design, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche has been placed.

From a technical point of view, however, no changes have been made. The lucky customers who put this sports car in their garage will also be able to purchase a special version of the new edition of the legendary Chronograph I , the first product from the German brand. For those who do not buy the special edition 911, Porsche has created a limited series of this watch that will be; produced in 500 copies.

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