Hyundai, quantum computers to improve batteries. Agreement with IonQ


The battery is; probably the strongest element important in electric cars . Quickly develop battery technology to improve autonomy and recharge & egrave; essential to offer people better cars. To achieve its goal of rapidly improving battery technology, Hyundai has announced a collaboration agreement with IonQ , a trapped ion quantum processing company.

Specifically, it will be; made a chemical model of the batteries to simulate their structure and chemical reactions. Thanks to the use of quantum computers, Hyundai aims to lay the foundations of a project that will allow them to create better batteries by simulating and controlling their chemical reactions with greater precision. This work should allow us to identify new basic materials for accumulators, saving money and time. This is not a trivial aspect since the batteries are the most important element; expensive than electric cars.

Quantum chemical simulation is expected to improve. significantly the quality & agrave; of next-generation lithium batteries by making improvements to charge and discharge cycles, as well as to their duration, capacity; and security.

A project that appears very interesting on paper. We will see what the fruits of this work will be over time. That the Korean manufacturer could decide to collaborate with this company & agrave; it does not seem strange to think that together with Kia he had invested in IonQ at the beginning of 2021.

This collaboration agreement is part of the ambitious plan of growth of the Korean brand in the electric car sector. As we know, Hyundai aims to market 560,000 electric vehicles per year by 2025. It also aims to launch 12 new BEV models on the market. For this strategy it will be; therefore it is very important to develop new generation accumulators more and more; performers. The work that will be carried out in collaboration with IonQ should lend a hand in this regard.

Peter Chapman , President and CEO of IonQ, commented:

At IonQ, we believe in our mission to solve the most serious problems; complexes of the world through the continuous development of our quantum computers and we see global climate change as one of these problems that we can help address with quantum chemistry solutions. Battery efficiency is one of the most emerging areas; promising where quantum computing can make the difference. We are thrilled to be working with Hyundai Motor Company on this project to make electric vehicles a means of transportation around the world.

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