Germany demands that Apple and Google remove Telegram


Published January 20, 2022 at 14.07

Media. Germany's Social Democrat Interior Minister Nancy Faeser is now urging Apple and Google to remove the Telegram messaging service from their app stores.

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The German authorities' war against Telegram continues in full force.

The country already has rigorous legislation that has forced social media companies to impose strict censorship on immigration criticism and the like. Proposals have already been made to completely block Telegram in Germany, but politicians are looking for simpler solutions for the time being. Telegram from their app stores, so that the app can no longer be downloaded.

“We remind Apple and Google of their social responsibility. As long as they offer apps like Telegram in their stores, they are also a form of accelerator for right-wing extremism and conspiracy theories. There is no place for hatred and incitement to murder! ” writes Faeser.

On social media, however, attentive users have noted that the German Social Democrats themselves actively used Telegram to get their messages out as late as earlier in the winter.